World’s Toughest Job – Being A Mother, Oh Really?

Stereotyping happens to both men and women

Let’s be fair, there are things that simply one sex cannot carry out as well as the opposite sex because of physical limitations. This is why so many thousands of years ago, men went for hunting because they were physically stronger and women stayed at home nursing kids because they had breasts.

Now the time has changed. We don’t hunt anymore. Nursing bottles are affordable and most have natural design to mimic real nipples and men can now feed the baby also. Men now cook more at home and some women are more career focused and hold higher positions at work than men.

“Where is this going?” You might wonder. Let me get to that.


The video in question

I came across to this video the other day on Actually it was the same day my wife told me she saw it with her friends over a lunch that day.



Obviously the video had gone viral but I would like to draw your attention to the number of thumbs down considering how heart warming the video is.

7,208 people gave thumbs down!


Word's thoughest job thumbs down

Large number of thumbs down


“How could this be?” you might wonder. Well, like I said, stereotyping happens to both men and women.


Welcome to 21st century people – Listen to what Dads have to say!

I bet the thumbs down are men’s voice and it was not difficult to find such voice in the text form by browsing the comment section.

This is not surprising as now a days, men are more involved in raising the family and taking more responsibilities around the house.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying being a mom is easy. What I am saying is maybe it’s time to recognize that moms don’t deserve to take all the credits any more.


Dad #1 response


Dad #2 response


Dad #3 response